To our Customers and our Planet: Total Commitment

Limited resources, lots of people. We all know how important conservation and environmental stewardship are to ensure a bright future. At Berks Products, we believe operating multiple facilities adjacent to a wide variety of environmental features carries great responsibility.

Constant care must be taken to ensure that our environmental impact is minimized. Berks Products continuously seeks new and innovative ways to produce and install better products while reducing waste and energy consumption. The following represent a portion of the efforts undertaken by Berks Products to actively engage in the promotion and implementation of sustainable construction practices.


Highlights from the Berks Products Sustainable Construction Program:
•    Green Sense Mix Engineering
•    MIT Sustainability Hub
•    NRMCA Green-Star Certification
•    Geothermal Heating and Cooling
•    Buy Local, Buy the Best


Green Sense Concrete Mix Engineering
Working with BASF, Berks Products has developed standard concrete mix designs engineered for high performance and optimized to reduce the carbon footprint with every yard produced. This was no easy task, but we believe it was worth the effort to help our customers today, and our planet tomorrow.

The Green Sense program from BASF involves extensive material testing, mix design development and evaluation, and ongoing testing and tracking of material efficiency and performance. Design and performance data is collected and evaluated to ensure product performance continues to exceed expectations.

Download the BASF Green Sense Products in Practice pdf


For more information about Green Sense Concrete from Berks Products, contact the Ready Mix Division.


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MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub
More concrete is produced than any other synthetic material on Earth. In the foreseeable future there is no other material that can replace concrete to meet our societies’ legitimate needs for housing, shelter, schools, infrastructure, etc. Concrete is produced from abundant raw materials locally available almost everywhere on earth. It is an inexpensive construction material with a relatively small environmental footprint, but its attractive properties have lead to massive use that contributes approximately 5% of global CO2 production.

Emerging breakthroughs in concrete science and engineering hold the promise that concrete can be part of the solution of contributing to a sustainable development that encompasses economic growth, social progress while minimizing the ecological footprint. This requires a holistic approach in which progress in concrete science seamlessly feeds into innovative structural concrete engineering applications, ranging from concrete pavement solutions to wall systems, whose impact on sustainable development are evaluated with advanced environmental-econometric impact studies.

The Concrete Sustainability Hub has been supported by a joint effort from the Ready Mixed Concrete Research & Education Foundation and the Portland Cement Association.
Explore the Concrete Sustainability Hub


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NRMCA Green-Star Certification
Berks Products is proud to be a National Ready Mix Association Green Star Producer. In 2009, the company became the second in Pennsylvania to meet the highest benchmark in our industry for excellence in environmental management.

The Green-Star Program from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has been designed by the Environmental Task Group of the Operations, Environmental and Safety Committee (NRMCA-OES) as a means to support the efforts of the ready mixed concrete industry towards environmental excellence, through the recognition of the use of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as a tool for environmental benchmarking and continual improvement, and as a means to recognize those who adhere to essential principals of the environmental and sustainability movement of our industry.
More about the NRMCA Green-Star Program


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COMBATCRETE: When you’re ready, we’re pouring.

The weather in Pennsylvania is rough. We get it all, from sub-zero temperatures, winter blizzards and ice storms to dry summer days exceeding 100°. To combat the challenges of extreme working conditions, Berks Products has developed the COMBATCRETE family of mix designs.

Meeting demanding construction schedules is challenging. Weather, travel, and many other factors impact a contractor’s ability to perform top quality work on time. COMBATCRETE designs are built to perform while positively impacting the environment by incorporating recycled materials, reducing fuel consumption, and helping contractors complete projects faster.

COMBATCRETE products are proprietary, performance specified mix designs. Each mix has been engineered to perform in specific conditions. Additional products are in development.
•    SuperEco:    Our most ecologically efficient design
•    Sub40:     Performs in the harshest winter conditions
•    Hot90°:      Reliable, controlled set times in the blistering heat
Learn more about the COMBATCRETE family of mix designs


Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Berks Products has been operating business in the heating and cooling industry for more than 100 Years. As times have changed and technology has progressed, we have evolved to meet the needs of our customers. From hauling coal in mule drawn wagons and sleds to a modern fleet of safe, reliable heating fuel delivery vehicles, Berks Products has served our markets with pride.


Buy Local, Buy the Best
Reducing the movement of materials can have a big impact on reducing environmental impact. At Berks Products, we make concerted efforts to source products and materials locally. It is our belief that with a little effort, we can dramatically reduce the consumption of goods and raw materials derived from foreign sources. American sources mean American Jobs and prosperity. As this effort unfolds, we plan on making more information available about where our products come from and how we can all work together to buy local.


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